Triple Seven 777 Neon Light

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The number 7 is a lucky number for harmony, it is a symbol of power and reputation, suitable for any place



Neon light
Easy to handle
Very Unbreakable

The magic of numbers can govern not only all possible things, but even all kinds of laws of nature. The number "7" is predictive in the West. It represents strength, wisdom, and is also full of mysterious and peculiar colors, because among the numbers from "1" to "10", only

"7" is not a multiple of other numbers, nor is it a divisor.

The creation of God, Jehovah, is completed in 7 days and 7 nights. The "Old Testament" says that Joshua walked around the city of Jericho with seven priests, and when the seventh trumpet was sounded, the city wall collapsed; the Virgin had seven joyous

There are 7 things that are joyful and there are 7 things that are sad; the Christian Lord's Prayer is divided into 7 parts.

The Romans in the 1st century AD believed that a person's health improved every 7 years.

Make a big change. So 7 makes a lot of sense and it's a lucky number!